Contents of Economic & Social Development in India (Part -2)

Contents of Economic & Social
Development in India (Part -2)

UPSC Syllabus:

  • The Indian economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of
    resources, growth, development and employment.
  • Issues arising from the social and economic exclusion of large
    sections fromthe benefits of development.
  • Other issues relating to the development and management of human
  • Health issues including the management of Public Health, Health
    education and ethical concerns regarding health-care.
  • Law enforcement, internal security and related issues such as the
    preservation of communal harmony.
  • Issues relating to good governance and accountability to the
    citizens including the maintenance of human rights, and of probity in
    public life.
  • Democratic rights and privileges of citizens. Emerging social
    changes/trends relevant to governance.
  • Socio Economic Development in India for Essay Topic.

Contents of Our Study Kit

  • Do you know? protecting human rights in india
  • Grassroots Level Democracy in India: An Aassessment
  • Needed-a new deal for panchayati raj
  • Do you know? Wikileakss
  • Women in panchayats: A review
  • Do you know? recent steps to check generation and spread of black Money
  • The possibilities of the aadhaar number
  • Broadening base of E-governance in India
  • Do you Know? Financial Committees of the Parliament of India
  • Aggressive Pursuit of Fresh Reforms Called for
  • Do you Know? What is the National Knowledge Network?
  • Role of ngos in india
  • Non Governmental Organizations in India
  • Response to child labour in india
  • Draft land acquisition and rehabilitation and resettlement bill (larr) 20111
  • Do You Know? Nuclear Power Programme of india
  • Indian Tourism Sector: A Growth Story

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