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Barack Obama Sworn in as the US President

Barack Obama, the first mixed race president of the United States, was sworn
in as the President of the country for the second term on 20 January 2013. The
oath-taking ceremony was quiet as well as brief in the White House East Room by
Justice John Roberts. The brief oath-taking ceremony was held to meet the
constitutional deadline, i.e., 20 January, under which term of both President as
well as the Vice- President finishes at the noon. The formality of repeating
this ceremony will publically take place on 21 January 2013 because public
institutions and the courts which record as well as endorse swearingin
officially were closed on 20 January 2013 as it was Sunday. Therefore, in the
brief ceremony, only President, his family along with a closed group that viewed
Justice Roberts swear-in Barack Obama in private ceremony. Obama took oath as
the President of the country on the family Bible. On 21 January 2013, Obama
repeated oath-taking process on those Bibles which were used by Martin Luther
King and Abraham Lincoln because 20 January 2013 was an official holiday in the
US. Apart from Obama, in yet another ceremony, Vice-president Joseph Biden
administered this oath-taking by associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Importance of swearing-in, historically

  • Even though the swearing-in of Obama was kept on lowprofile, but this
    was creation of history because Barack Obama became the first mixed-race
    president who was elected for second consecutive term.
  • Also, Barack Obama is the third consecutive president to
    win two terms, after Bush and Clinton. This had happened two centuries ago
    earlier when Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe were elected
    for two terms each between the time periods of 1801 to 1825.

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