(Current Affairs) International Events | May: 2013

International Events

  • Barack Obama Signed the Violence against Women Act Reauthorization 2013
  • Violence Against Women Act of 1994
  • Pakistan Parliament passed Counter Terrorism Authority Bill
  • Roles and Functions of National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA)
  • Pakistan Government Completed its Historic Five Year Term
  • China Unveiled Government Restructuring Plan
  • Lebanon PM Najib Mikati announced Resignation
  • Eurozone and IMF Agreed For 10 Billion Euros Cyprus Bailout Deal
  • Nicos Anastasiades Won Cyprus Presidential Elections
  • Japan and US agreed on Free Trade Auto Exception
  • UAE Inaugurated World’s Largest Solar Power Plant
  • Uhuru Kenyatta won Kenya Presidency
  • Khil Raj Regmi Sworn-In As the Prime Minister
  • Iran and Pakistan launched Gas Pipeline Project
  • African Leaders signed UN Brokered Accord in DR Congo
  • M23 Rebels
  • Pakistan Handed over Gwadar Port to China
  • Tehran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution
  • The other four Arms exporter in Chronological order
  • Hamadi Jebali Resigned


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