(Current Affairs) Science & Technology, Defence, Environment | May: 2012

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • ‘World’s Highest Resolution’ Lunar Images Released
  • Excess Sugar Intake, Harmful
  • Antarctic Sub glacial Lake Reached
  • Salt-loving wheat Could Ease Food Crisis
  • White Rice Intake Increases Risk of type Ii Diabetes
  • Hominin Genome Sequenced
  • Nirbhay Likely to be test – Fired In April
  • New technique to Run Ultra fast Internet
  • Two Genes Linked to Parkinson’s Identified
  • Water on the Planet Called Gj1214b Discovered
  • Lakshya-1test-flight
  • DRDO Conducted test Of Interceptor missile Successfully
  • Scientists transformed Skin Cells Directly Into Brain Cells
  • Bison’s Adapted to Climate Change
  • Potentially Habitable Planet Discovered
  • A vaccine to treat Breast Cancer
  • Human Shock Absorber Found
  • New iridescent Lizard, Sea Snake Species Discovered
  • Testtube Hamburgers to Become A Reality

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