(Current Affairs) Science & Technology, Defence, Environment | November : 2012

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • Dhanush Successfully Test Fired
  • How much better is organic food?
  • Evidence of waist-deep flowing stream on the Planet
  • Bordeaux mixture to control coconut infestations
  • Brown coat
  • Remove infested tissue
  • Signal to Tectonic disintegration
  • Brain does not allow math, memory to mix
  • India’s first multi-lateral Social Science research collaboration
  • Indian Navy Successfully Test Fired BrahMos Missile
  • Judicious feeding to increase milk production
  • Commissioning of the Kundakulam Plant can be stopped
  • Concerns and Issues
  • Affidavit submitted by The NPCIL
  • E-cigarettes can damage your lungs
  • ‘Greening’ of nylon


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