Daily Special Current Affairs Material for IAS (Pre) 2013 – Topic: “Tsunami Early Warning System And India”

Daily Special Current Affairs Material for IAS (Pre) 2013

Chapter: Science & Technology

Topic: Tsunami Early Warning System And

Q. How Tsunami Early Warning System of India works?

Ans. A state-of-the-art Tsunami Warning
System made operational in September 2007 has been in continuous operation to
forewarn of an impending disaster in less than 10 minutes of an occurrence of an
earthquake. The National Tsunami Early Warning Centre (NTEWC) is operated 24×7.
A network of seismometers, data buoys, tide gauges have been employed for
receiving real-time data for generation and issue of tsunami alert.

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Q. What is the functioning structure of Tsunami Early Warning System of
India and how it takes data?

Ans. The data from roughly 329 seismic
stations (27 national and 302 international) are received and processed.
Further, NTEWC has been receiving data from 60 international tide gauge stations
in the Indian Ocean in real-time. The early warning system monitors potential
tsunamigenic earthquakes, sea level propagation of tsunami waves in the ocean,
and consequent sea level changes.

This centre has been recognized as a Regional Tsunami Service Provider (RTSP)
for the Indian Ocean Region. The Centre has been identified formally by the
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO along with Australia and
Indonesia as Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System for providing tsunami service
to the Indian Ocean Rim countries from October 2011.

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