(IGP) GS Paper 1 – General Science – “Lymphatic System & Immunity – MCQ”

    Integrated Guidance Programme of General Studies for IAS
(Pre) – 2013

Subject – General Science
Chapter – Lymphatic System & Immunity

1. Consider the following statements

i) Bone marrow contains tissues that produce lymphocytes. B lymphocytes
(B-cells) mature in the bone marrow.

ii) T- Lymphatic (T-cells) mature in the thymus gland.

iii) Monocytes & leukocytes are produced in the Bone marrow.

which of the above statements is/are true?

a) ii & iii only
b) None of the above
c) All of the above
d) iii only

2. Consider the following statements :

i) The spleen is similar to lymph node.

ii) Spleen serves as a reservoir for blood purifies lymph fluid.

iii) If the spleen is damaged a person is more susceptible to infections.

which of the following is/are true ?

a) iii only
b) i & ii only
c) None of the above
d) i & iii  only

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