(Online Course) Contemporary Issues for IAS Mains 2012: Sci & Tech Issues – Dengue Vaccine Developed

Science and Technological Issues

Dengue Vaccine Developed

  • Thai scientists have successfully produced the world’s
    first dengue hemorrhagic fever vaccine and will let the private sector
    improve it for the effective treatment of patients.

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    The Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology has
    introduced the world’s first live attenuated dengue hemorrhagic fever
    vaccine developed by Thailand researchers.

  • Thai Science and Technology Minister Virachai
    Virameteekul said that the number of dengue hemorrhagic fever patients in
    Thailand has risen, exceeding 100,000 last year and adding some 1,200 cases
    in January 2011.

  • Dr Suthee Yoksarn, a lecturer of Mahidol University,
    together with his team and Chiang Mai University have jointly developed four
    stereotypes of the live attenuated vaccine.

  • This was achieved by combining attenuated DNA with a
    protein structure that stimulates immunity against the dengue hemorrhagic
    fever — caused by the present strain of the dengue virus.

  • The newly developed vaccine is expected to better protect
    people from the dengue hemorrhagic fever. — PTI

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