(Online Course) CSAT Paper – II : Basic Numeracy: Alligation or Mixture

Basic Numeracy

Alligation or Mixture


It is the rule that is used to determine the mean value of the mixture when
the prices of the individual items being mixed together and the proportion in
which they are being mixed are given. Here, the value of the mixture is always
higher than the lowest value and lower than the higher value of the items being
mixed. According to the Rule of Alligation

(Cheaper quantity : Dearer quantity) = (y – m) : (m – x)
Where, mean price (m) is the cost price of a unit quantity of the mixture. Also,
if a container contains x units of liquid from which y units are taken out and
replaced by water. After n

Example 1: How many kilograms of rice costing Rs. 18 per kg must be mixed
with 30 kg of rice costing Rs. 14 per kg, so that the resultant mixture cost Rs.
15 per kg.
Solution. Applying the rule of alligation, we have

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