(Online Course) English Grammar & Comprehension: Practice Exercises Multiple Choice – Passage 4

English Grammar & Comprehension
Practice Exercises Multiple Choice

Passage 4

The great Acharyas have said that having discovered a great
goal, surrender yourself to that goal and act towards it drawing your
inspiration from that goal whereby you will get a new column of energy. Do not
allow this energy to he dissipated in the futile memories of past regrets or
failures, nor in the excitement of the present. And thus bring that entire
energy focussed into activity. That is the highest creative action in the world
outside. Thereby the individual who is till now considered most inefficient
finds his way to the highest achievement and success. This is said very easily
in a second. But in order to train our mind to this attitude it needs
considerable training because we have already trained the mind wrongly to such an
extent that we have become perfect in imperfections. Not knowing the art of
action, we have been master artists in doing the wrong thing. The totality of
activity will bring the country to a wrong end indeed.

If each one is given a car to achieve an ideal socialistic
pattern. and nobody knows driving but everybody starts driving, what would be the
condition on the road? Everybody has equal right on the public road. Then each
car must necessarily dash against the other, and there is bound to be a jumble.
This seems to be the very apt pattern of life that we are heading to. Everyone
of us is a vehicle. We know how to go forward. The point is, intellect is very
powerful and everyone is driving but nobody seems to know how to control the
mental energy and direct it properly or guide it to the proper destination.

1. Which of the following is the source of energy ?
(a) A column that supports a building
(b) Stimulation obtained from a set aim
(c) Highest creative action
(d) Proper training of the mind to achieve perfection
(e) Inspiration drawn from the memories of past events

2. The author’s chief concern is
(a) Establishment of socialistic pattern
(b) The car accidents resulting from a lack of driving skill
(c) Discovery of a great goal in life
(d) Regulation of energy in the proper direction
(e) Struggle of equal rights

3. Which of the following will cause the country
to perish?

(a) Directing mental energy to the right destination
(b) Driving cars without proper driving knowledge and skill
(c) Wrong deeds performed without proper knowledge
(d) Memories of past regrets and failures
(e) Surrendering to a discovered goal

4. Which of the following could lead to success

(a) Cherishing the memories of the past
(b) Preparing oneself to face the probable sorrows of the future
(c) Bringing all the energy into activity
(d) Being alert about the excitement of the present
(e) None of these

5. What is the effect of the wrong training of
the mind ?

(a) We have become perfect in all aspects.
(b) Art of action is too much emphasised.
(c) Each of us could become a master artist.
(d) We could avoid wastage of our energy.
(e) None of these

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