(Online Course) GS Concepts : Biodiversity – Project Tiger (1973)

Subject : Environment
Chapter : Biodiversity

Topic: Project Tiger(1973)

The Beginning: ”Project Tiger”, a major wildlife-conservation
initiative of Govt. of India, was launched in the year 1973 to save the Indian
tiger from extinction. Simipli for Tiger Reserve was one of the nine reserves
chosen in the country to implement the project. With focus on the tiger, which
is a ‘master predator’ and an ‘indicator species’ of the ecosystem, the project
has paid attention to all issues relating to conservation of habitat in the
tiger reserves.

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Some of the field activities under the aegis of Project Tiger
cover the following:

  • Enforcement of anti-poaching measures.

  • Census and estimate of the numbers of carnivores, their
    prey animals.

  • Habitat improvement measures,

  • Water and soil conservation measures

  • Eco development programmes and organization of alternate

  • Motivation and awareness of local people,

  • Eliciting participation of students through nature camps
    and competitions.

  • Capacity building of staff,

  • Development of telecommunication and road network

  • Development and maintenance of other infrastructure

  • Research, planning and monitoring of wildlife population
    and spatial is tribution

  • Management of ecotourism

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