(Online Course) GS Concepts : Biodiversity – United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

Subject : Environment
Chapter : Biodiversity

Topic: United Nations Decade on

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011-2020
the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (Resolution 65/161). The UN Decade on
Biodiversity serves to support and promote implementation of the objectives of
the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and to Achieve Biodiversity Targets, with the
goal of significantly reducing biodiversity loss.

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Conference of the Parties to the CBD, in Nagoya, Japan, in 2010. Throughout the
UN Decade on Biodiversity, governments are encouraged to develop, implement and
communicate the results of national strategies for implementation of the
Strategic Plan for Biodiversity. It also seeks to promote the involvement of a
variety of national and intergovernmental actors and other stakeholders in the
goal of mainstreaming biodiversity into broader development planning and
economic activities. The aim will be to place special focus on supporting
actions that address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss, including
production and consumption patterns.

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