(Online Course) GS Concepts : Mordern Indian History – The Partition politics

Subject : Modern Indian History

Topic: The Partition politics

Question :  Give an account of india’s Partition politics?

The ‘Quit India’ Movement temporality removed the Congress
from the field of constitutional politics. The leaders, kept in confinement,
lost touch with the workers who were demoralised. This was an important factor
in strengthening the Muslim League in Bengal, Sind and Assam. In Bengal and Sind,
Muslim League Ministries were formed. In Assam a pro-Muslim League Ministry came
into office. In the provinces under Governor’s rule, the administration was
anti- Congress and pro-Muslim League.

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Jinnah described the Quit India Movement as “a most dangerous
mass movement intended to force Congress demands at the point of the bayonet”,
which, if conceded would mean the sacrifice of all other interests, particularly
those of Muslims in India. Jinnah and provincial Muslim Leagues concentrated on
using their influence to keep Muslims away from the Movement. During this
period, when all Congress leaders were behind the bars in connection with the
Quit India Movement, the rapid advance of Muslim League was the most striking
political development of the closing years of the Second World War.
Simultaneously, Jinnah centralised the authority of the League in his own

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