(Online Course) GS Concepts : Science and technology in India – E-Governance

Subject : Science and technology in
Chapter : Information Technology

Topic: E-Governance

Question: Define E-Governance and point out its
benefits to citizens ?

Answer : E-governance aims to put information
and communication technologies to the service of good governance — that is
transparent, fair, effective, accountable and receptive to the aspirations of

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It utilises the ICT tools and worldwide web for
delivering government information and services to citizen and business. It
involves transformation of public sector, internal and external relationship
through web-enabled operations, IT and Communication Technology to optimise
government service delivery, constituency participation and governance.

Benefits to Citizens

  1. Quick access to all requisite information.

  2. Blurring of the boundaries of government
    departments —single window services.

  3. Reduction in end to end time-quick service.

  4. In-built adequate redressal mechanism.

  5. Reduction in transaction costs. .

  6. Transparent Processes.

  7. Restoration of citizen’s faith.

  8. Equality of Access and Facilities.

  9. Removal of the middlemen.

  10. No scope of discretion.

  11. Greater participation in national efforts.

  12. Bringing the have nots into main stream.

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