(Online Course) Pub Ad for IAS Mains: Chapter: 13 (Law & Order) – Police – Public Relation (Paper -2)

Paper – 2
Chapter: 13 (Law & Order)

Police – Public Relation

Robert Peel – “Police are pubic and public are Police” as far as policing is
concerned in his report Robert outlined that policing can’t alone occur by few
in society formally called police. Police according to him involves every
industry in society. Society to be rid of crime required participation of all in
society only for certain specialized act few among society would be recruited
formally as police.

This refers to community approach to policing coming together of Police &
Society a healthy relation between police & pubic was there in “Metropolitan
Police System” (to serve, provide peace etc.)

— M.P.S. – approach is to uphold law and investigating, preventing crime as
opposed to I.P.S. (Irish Policing System) (only maintaining order) not
preventing & investigating (only focus on controlling crime).

E.g. Israel Police also based on M.P.S. but did not succeed initially was highly
centralized Japanese Police – highly successful excessive decentralization
theory ‘Z’ characteristics (participative).

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2nd Aspect

Police personnel at grass root level should be aware and committed.
e.g. Uganda Police Community liasioning officers were appointed did not take
initiative to sensitize the citizens about their rights problems, law etc.
Progamme not successful as they did not perform their roles.
It was found that this was due to fear of loss of money via corruption and
threat to job due to competition.

3) Village Defence Parties

Karnataka a system of defence headed by village thalapathies has been
statutorily introduced by Karnataka village Defence parties Act of 1964.
— constituted by S.P. in each village or group of village as considered
necessary with 10% of village people or 48 members as ceiling the parties assist
in patrolling, protection of property, assisting police in maintaining public
order or undertaking such duties assigned to them time to time.
— Similar initiative in MP village Defence Societies, 1960 when State was
confronted with dacoiti problem in agrarian regions.


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