(Online Course) Pub Ad for IAS Mains: Chapter: 7 (District Administration) – Functions of District Administraion (Paper -2)

Paper – 2
Chapter: 7 (District Administration)

Functions of District Administraion

District Administration Has primarily

  1. Regulatory function (Law & order)
  2. Developmental function

Regulatory function:

These function are primary in nature non developmental
in nature, Coercive Semi coercive and moreover activities which are related to
maintenance of order and disciplined society. Functions like – law & order,
Magisterial function activities Revenues collection.

Law and order: As per the norm it is not the S.P head of police organisation
District Officer is responsible for the Maintenance of Law & order assisted by
S.P. He exercises control over police organisation to ensure Police organisation
operates to maintain peace and order.

Baring few states (like UP, Haryana) District Magistrate initiates confidential
report of S.P. Posting & Transfer of officer-inchange landled by S.P.
Corroborated by District Magistrate. Simultaneously. Certain other
Administrative sub parts like. Jail administration – District Magistrate has to
take special measures to look into its affairs. Visit Jails – Supervise Jails,
bring about necessary changes in Jails administration. Appointment of Public
Prosecutor. In order to maintain Law & Order. Authority to look into fact.

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Appoint: Public Prosecutor and proceed to see that criminal get convicted. Crime
Data of Distroid. Periodic review of crime rate of District. Overall in charge
of prevention of crime and maintenance peace and tranquility. Not only
exercising preventive functions under crpc. But also power under IPC. After 1973
there has been separation between Executive magistracy and Judicial Magistracy.
Now D.M merely acts as an executive Nagistrate. Cannot exercise punitive power.
Various Provisions of erpc empower him to maintain law and order Peace &

Section 108 – 110 (Prevention of crime)

Section 129 – 132 (maintenance of law & tranquility ) (maintenance of public

Prevention of public nuisance (sec 133 – 143)

Prevention of apprehended danger (sec. 144)

Disputes pertaing to immovable property that threats the public peace (Sec. 145)

District Officer acts as D.C (District Collector)

The Chief Revenue officer is the District Officer

Collection of revenue at district has two connotations.

Collection of taxes

  1. Collection of land revenue, Registration and stampanty, commercial tax,
    exercise duty entertainment tax
  2. Generated through issuance of permits and licenses.

land Revenue: chief revenue officer/ chief treasury officer. District Officer is
helped by D.M at sub division level and Tehsildar at Tehsil level. Assessing the
tax submit the report to government. In charge of maintenance of land records.
In a manner that litigation relating to lard disputes are minimized

Commercial tax

Assisted by either Distinct Commercial Tax Officer Deputy Commission commercial
the offices
Land registration Stampduty
District Officer is held by District Registrar of lands. assisted by

Excise duty

Helped by District Supergiant of Excise

(2) District Officer overall incharge of issuing license for basins/explosives
cinema halls many other activities of duet law:
Other Regulatory function, of
Social nature

  1. Protection of SC/ST/Minorities weaker sections children/woman. District
    Officer carriers addition responsibility to provide prospection to those
    Vulnerable section. It has a social commutation
  2. Relating to PDS & other essential commodities Act in District to ensure
    adequate supply food & other essential commodities, it is the responsibility of
    District Magistrate. Whenever there is Hoarding he has power to take coercive
  3. Maintenances of Data. Functions relating to census operation District
    Officer is the chief census officer. Of human 120 population as well as that if
    live stock. Population canons as well as livestock cans us under his leadership.

Election: He is the chief Returning officer. In elections.
o In charge of Maintenance of doctored rolls
o Management of Booths
o Gives the certificate to winning Candidates.
o Crisis Management functions
Any crisis emerges, natural disaster, public bands. Management of public
gatherings, festivals etc.


Chief Development Officer in the district

  • There has been some changes though subsequent to 73 and 74 Amendments
  • There were changes. Provincial government made to dial with local issues.

Developmental functions became very large

It came up is very limited sense unequal to government of India Act 1919
Provincial autonomy granted.

Became primary responsibility of possibility of District Administration after

Radical shift in nature of state from Imperial state to a aspiring welfare state
free society – with Fundamental Right bestowed on state huge responsibility to
take care of citizen.

In favor of service Orientation.

What should be paraphernalia.

District Administration though Historically associated with coercion repression
subjugation, subordination, regulation this instrument is not suitable to bring
about development.

New Administration Arrangement should be brought this place of this.

(1) A new country did not how adequate financial capacity to bring about
separate establishment cannot be set up.
(2) Development requires coordination among various agencies. Co-ordination
can’t be best established by administration through District officer.

Immediately offices independence was shift in tens of I.C.S officers. There was
lings paucity of IAS officers. IPS officers – deficit of those trained people.
All these factors put together required that

Development from should be given to
District Administration & District Officer Overall responsibility to ensure
implementation of programmes & Schemes. It has have been Static undergoing
change. Entire Development initiative stands with community development project.
Democratic Decentralized constitution Institution had Development Functions. Not
uniform across to the country. There have been different – models.

(1) T. N./A.P
(2) Bulk of states
(3) Maharastra, Gujarat, M.P.

  1. T.N/Andhra: District Officer still main person responsibility for District
  2. Bulk of states case: District Officer is associated w/o voting right. Generally
    responsibility lies with zilla Parishad. Just friend, Philosopher and guide.
  3. Maharastra, Gujarat, M.P. completely deprived of Development Functions.
  • In the District especially related to certain cases
  • Hunger death – responsibility of District Administration
  • Relief & Rehabilitation in terms of crises
  • Development Function responsibility of coordination among agencies


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