(Online Course) Public Administration for IAS Mains Exams

(Online Course) Public Administration for IAS Mains Exams

Paper – I

Administrative Theory


  • Good Governance: concept and application;

Administrative Thought

  • Simon’s Decision-making Theory

Administrative Behaviour:

  • Morale


  • Public – Private Partnerships.

Accountability and control:

  • Civil society;
  • Social audit.

Administrative Law:

  • Administrative Tribunals.

Comparative Public Administration:

  • Ecology and administration;

Development Dynamics:

  • Changing profile of development administration;
  • ‘Antidevelopment thesis’;

Personnel Administration:

  • Code of conduct;
  • Administrative ethics.

Public Policy:

  • State theories and public policy.

Techniques of Administrative Improvement:

  • PERT,
  • CPM.

Financial Administration:

  • Monetary and fiscal policies;
  • Financial accountability;

Paper – II

Indian Administration

Evolution of Indian Administration:

  • Kautilya’s Arthashastra;

Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government:

  • Constitutionalism;
  • Political culture;

Public Sector Undertakings:

  • Problems of autonomy, accountability and control;

Union Government and Administration:

  • Cabinet Secretariat;
  • Central Secretariat;

Plans and Priorities:

  • ‘Indicative’ planning;
  • Process of plan formulation at Union and State levels;

State Government and Administration:

  • State Secretariat;
  • Directorates.

District Administration since Independence:

  • Union-state- local relations;

Civil Services:

  • Code of conduct and discipline;

  • Civil service activism.

Financial Management:

  • Role of finance ministry in monetary and fiscal area;
  • Accounting techniques;

Administrative Reforms since Independence:

  • Reforms in financial management and human resource development;
  • Problems of implementation.

Rural Development:

  • Rural development programmes: foci and strategies;

Urban Local Government:

  • Global local debate;
  • New localism;
  • Politics and administration with special reference to city management.

Law and Order Administration:

  • Criminalisation of politics and administration;
  • Police- public relations;
  • Reforms in Police.

Significant issues in Indian Administration:

  • Citizen-administration interface;
  • Administration in Coalition Regimes

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