(Sample Material) Gist of Important Articles from IIPA Journal

(Sample Material) Gist of Important Articles from IIPA Journal

  • Natural Disaster Management in India Vinod K. Sharma

  • Women and Empowerment Shanta Kohli Chandra

  • Prime Minister’s Office – We Cannot and Need Not do Without IT B.G. Deshmukh

  • Role and Functioning of Election Commission of India M.S. Gill

  • Central Vigilance Commission: A Profile P.K. Gopinath

  • Indian Finance Commission G. Thimmaiah

  • Role of Comptroller and Auditor General in India V.K. Shunglu

  • Public Sector in Independent India Suresh Kumar

  • Recent Initiatives for Administrative Reform in India P.S.A. Sundaram

  • Reservation Policy in India: Theory and Practice S.R. Maheshwari

  • Welfare Administration in India: A Critical Evaluation R.K. Barik

  • Administration of Urban Development M.N. Buch

  • Natural Disaster Management in India Vinod K. Sharma

  • Sociological Theory and Concepts in Public Administration A.P. Barnadas

  • Managing Natural Resources for disaster Reduction A.K. Kaushik and Rituraj

  • Criminalisation of Polities beyond Vohra Committee P.R. Dubhashi

  • Police Reform – New Imperatives T. Ananthachari

  • Sustainable Development: Imperatives of Public Administration R. Rajamani

  • Right to Information Regime in India: A Critical Appraisal Sapna Chadah

  • Public Services in India: Achievements and Disappointments U.C. Agarwal

  • Restructuring of Municipal Services in India Awadesh Kumar Singh

  • Critique of ‘Governance’ from the Grassroots Perspective P. Raghu Ram

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  • Efficiency in Administration: Measures Required to Enhance Efficiency in
    Administration R.D. Sharma

  • Role of Information Technology and E-Governance in Effective Delivery of
    Public Service – Initiatives, Challenges and Prospects Inderjeet Singh Sodhi

  • Globalisation Governance and the State Furoquan Ahmad and Akhtar Ali

  • Public Private Partnership in India (Policy, Strategies and
    Operationalisation Issues) T.N. Dhar

  • Social Mobilisation for Empowering Rural Poor Through SHGs: A Study in Assam
    T. Medhavati Devi and N. Upadhay

  • Gender Budgeting to Gender Mainstreaming Shalini Rajneesh

  • Value based Capacity Building Through E-Administration Sangeeta Sharma

  • The Working of Panchayati Raj: An Analysis S.A. Palekar
  • People’s Empowerment Arvind K. Sharma

  • Citizen’s Charter – An Instrument of Public Accountability: Problems and
    Prospects in India R.B. Jain

  • Law and Order: A Precondition for Good Governance O.P. Tandon

  • Indian Judiciary and Challenges of 21st Century A.S. Anand

  • The Challenges of Globalisation for Civil Servants P.R. Ramaswamy

  • Zero Base Budgeting: Re-Emphasised in India – A Case of Research and
    Development Organisation Nand Dhameja

  • Role of All-India Services in Centre-State Relation U.C. Agarwal

  • Opening Government for Public Scrutiny: A Critique of Recent Efforts to Make
    Governance in India more Transparent and Accountable R.B. Jain

  • Indian Federalism at Work: Role of Governor Sudhanshu Tripathi

  • Public Services in India: Issues of Neutrality vs. Commitment Ahmad Shamshad

  • Indian Party System towards Coalition Governance: Need for Introspection
    R.K. Poonia, P.S. Malik and Saroj Malik

  • Privatisation and Public Enterprises in India: Issues of Policy and
    Implementation C.V. Raghavulu

  • Police and Good Governance: Promotion of Human Rights Ved Marwah

  • Action Plan for an Effective and Responsive Government

  • Corruption and Need to Curb IT P.D. Malaviya

  • Some Perspectives on Governance for Development B.G. Deshmukh

  • Socio-Economic Development in India and Five Decades of Planning Ahmad

  • Voluntary Associations and Development: The Indian Experience Bidyut

  • People’s Participation in Governance E. Vayunandan and Dolly Mathew

  • Constitutional Head of State without Constitutional Security – The Governor
    and his Removal Priti Saxena

  • Rural Development Schemes in Chhattisgarh P.C. Mishra

  • Towards Excellence in Disaster Management: Governance and Sustainability of
    Post-Disaster Initiatives Pramod K. Mishra

  • Need for Ethical Empowerment as Social and Political Reform A Ranga Reddy

  • Revamping the Role of Government as a Regulator O.P. Minocha

  • Sustainable Development: The Concept and Policy Perspectives N.R. Inamdar

  • Environmentalism, Ecology and Voluntary Movement Harsh Sethi

  • Case Study

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