(Sample Material) IAS Mains PUB-AD Online Coaching: Chapter 1(Introduction) Strategy and Linkages


Candidates are not able to score handsomely in Public Administration. Reasons

  1. Poor understanding of the question since direct questions are less
    frequent these days.
  2. Bad structure of the answer. Poor/wrong interpretation of key word.
  3. Shallow analysis of the problem.

Be master of ‘Basics’. The chapter ‘Introduction’ is much more than
introduction and covers all historical development of the subject in brief.
Every year at least you can expect 40 to 60 marks questions from it.The concepts
of this chapter can be used elsewhere also.The questions from this chapter might
seem difficult. But with good understanding it can be very scoring.


  • You must link your answers on ‘Good Governance’ with these topics for
    securing high marks.
  • Good Governance and Kautilaya
  • Good Governance and e-Governance
  • Good Governance and Citizen’s Charter
  • Good Governance and RTI
  • Good Governance and Social Audit
  • Good Governance and Human Rights
  • Good Governance and Administrative Reforms
  • Good Governance and Participatory democracy
  • Good Governance and 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment

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