Sample Materials for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013: “Ancient Indian History: The Harappan Civilization”

Materials From Our Study Notes for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013

Subject: Ancient Indian History
Topic: The Harappan Civilization

Contents of The Topic:

  • Salient Features
  • Origin
  • Phases of Development
  • Different Phases and Transformation
  • Features of Town Planning
  • Art and Craft
  • Findings and Evidences
  • Settlements and their Riverine Locations

Study Notes of G.S. Paper 1
for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2013 will cover :-

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Test Your Knowledge

1. Which was the most
frequently depicted animal.

  1. Elephant
  2. Unicorn
  3. Rhino
  4. Tiger.
2. Consider the following statements and
mark the option which is correct.

  1. Pashupati Seal has been found from Lothal.
  2. The Harappan bricks were made in ratio of 1:2:4.
  3. For small measurement binary system and for big measurement
    decimal system were used in harappa.
  4. Persian Gulf seals have been found in Lothal.

Which of the above statements is / are true.

  1. i, ii & iii
  2. ii & iv
  3. ii, iii & iv
  4. all of the above.


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Answer of Question 1: B

Answer of Question 2: C

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