Sample Materials for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013: “Ancient Indian History: The Sultans of Delhi”

Materials From Our Study Notes for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013

Subject: Ancient Indian History
Topic: The Sultans of Delhi

Contents of The Topic:

  • Qutubuddin Aibek
  • Shamsuddin Iltutmish
  • Ghiasuddin Balban
  • Alauddin Khalji
  • Mohammad Bin Tughlaq
  • Firoz Shah Tughlaq
  • Sikandar Bahlul Lodi Ibrahim
  • Main Departments of the Sultanate
  • Delhi and its different names through times
  • Amir Khusro

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Test Your Knowledge

1. Consider the following statements and mark the
option which is correct.

  1. Qutubaddin Aibek was the founder of Delhi Sultanate & was
    the first independent ruler.
  2. Qutubuddin Aibek built two Mosques. Quwat-ul-Islam Mosque at
    Delhi and Dhai Din Ka Johpara at Amer.
  3. Qutubuddin Aibek laid foundation of Qutub Minar after the
    name of a Sufi Saint Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki.

Which of the above are incorrect ?

  1. i & iii only
  2. ii only
  3. all of the above
  4. none of the above.
2. Who introduced the Silver Tankk & Jital two
principal coins.

  1. Ghaisuddin Balban
  2. Qutubuddin Aibek
  3. Shamsuddin Iltutmish
  4. Alauddin Khilji

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Answer of Question 1: C

Answer of Question 2: D

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