(Syllabus) Prelim Examination – Syllabus (Electronics)

Preliminary Examination Syllabus  – Electronics

1. Basic Circuit Theory :

Loop and nodal analysis. Matrix methods of solving loop and
nodal circuit equation. Network Theorems. Fourier analysis of periodic
waveforms. Laplace transforms and applications. Coupled circuits.

2. Electronic Devices :

Basic semiconductor theory (device physics). Diodes, BJTs and

3. Electronic Circuits :

Amplifiers (common circuits, biasing methods, small signal
analysis etc.), Op-Amp basics and applications. Large signal amplifiers and
filters. Feedback.

4. Digital Electronic Circuits :

Number system and codes. Boolean algebra and logic circuits.
Minimization of Boolean expressions (K-maps). Logic families (TTL, ECL and CMOS)-comparison
on the basis of performance Combinational logic circuit design, sequential
circuits (FF, Shift Registers, Counters), RAM and ROMS.

5. Communication :

Fourier analysis, sampling, Z-transforms, random variables
and stochastic process. Amplitude and Frequency modulations, TDM, FDM, Noise,
Pulse Modulation. Baseband digital transmission. Digital Modulation technique.
Error control coding.

6. Microprocessor :

UP architecture, Memory interfacing, interrupts and timing.
Flow charts and pseudo codes. Study of common peripheral chips. Assembly
language programming, 1/0 programming and simple applications.

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