(Syllabus) Prelim Examination – Syllabus (Fisheries)

Preliminary Examination Syllabus  – Fisheries

* Basic principles of aquaculture. Origin growth and present
global and national scenario. Prospects of aquaculture in relation to the
national and state economy.

* Status, scope and prospects of freshwater aquaculture in
India and North Eastern States. Systems of aquaculture. Concepts of integrated
aquaculture systems. Cultivable fin and shell fishes.

* Soil and water quality for fish culture. Manuring and
fertilization of fish pond. Management of soil quality for aquaculture.

* Inland water bodies – physical, chemical and biological
properties of water in relation to aquaculture. Biological communities of inland
waters. Common groups of phyto and zoo planktons.

* Pond for fish culture. Location, design and construction of
fish pond, cage and pen.

* Fish and shell fish breeding, traditional and modern fish
hatching devices. Brood stock and nursery pond management.

* Fish feed – natural and artificial. Nutritional requirement
of commercially important cultivable fish species. Conventional and
non-conventional fish feeds. Feed formulation and processing.

* Significance of fish diseases in relation to aquaculture
practices, their diagnosis and fish health management.

* Economics of fish production system – culture and capture.

* Concept and fundamentals of fishery extension education.
Present system of fishery extension service.

  • Fishing gears. Traditional fishing fears of gears and
    other water bodies of Assam. Modern commercial fishing methods. Traditional
    and modern methods of fish preservation. Post harvest management of fin and
    shell fish. Marine capture fisheries

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