UPSC: Important Instructions For The Candidates For Appearance in Personality Test of SCRA Examination, 2013



The results of the Special Class Railway
Apprentices’ (SCRA) Examination, 2013 has been declared and is available on the
website of the Commission i.e. . The candidates have been
advised to fill in their Detailed Application Forms (DAFs) and send a copy, duly
signed on each page along with a copy of the relevant documents/certificates by
post, to the Commission latest by 10.06.2013. The envelop should
be addressed in favour of the Under Secretary (SCRA), UPSC, Room No.305, ASB
Building, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069.

The candidates should also bring an
additional copy of the printout of the DAF, duly signed, and a photocopy of the
relevant documents/certificates in addition to the original
certificates/documents at the time of Personality Test (PT) Boards. It is the
sole responsibility of the candidate to fulfill eligibility criteria while
producing relevant certificates/documents in original at the time of PT Board
before the Commission. All candidates are advised to carefully verify their
documents before hand and ensure that the following conditions have been

(I) Name & Date of Birth: The name and date of
birth as recorded in the matriculation equivalent certificate will be treated as
final by the Commission.

(II) Educational Qualification: The
candidate must show the original 10 + 2 certificate and/or other certificates in
support of his/her educational qualification at the time of PT Board or he/she
is required to produce provisional certificates and/or Mark sheets in support of
his/her claim at the time of PT Board.

In case there is discrepancy between the name as recorded
in the Matriculation certificate and as entered in 10+2 certificate/degree
and/or other certificates, the following steps must be taken:

(a) In case of minor discrepancy in the
name due to a spelling error [(i.e. Mohan and Mohun) or (R. Mathur and Ramesh
Mathur)], an affidavit may be produced at the time of PT Board to the effect
that both the names belong to the same person.

(b) In case of a major discrepancy related
to the addition or deletion of part/parts of any name [(i.e. Ram Kumar and Ram
Kumar Singh) or (Ajay Kumar and Ajay Kumar Singh Rana)], a Gazette notification
may be produced at the time of PT Board to the effect that the person has
changed his name henceforth.

(c) In case of certificates issued by the
State of Maharashtra, the name of the candidate is sometimes inclusive of the
name of the father and/or the name of the mother. In such cases, an affidavit
may be produced at the time of PT Board to the effect that the names on both
certificates belong to the same person.

(III) Caste Certificate: The candidate claiming to be
SC/ST/OBC must ensure the following conditions:

(a) The name of the candidate and his father in the
certificates should be strictly as recorded in the matriculation certificate.

(b) The caste and/or sub-caste name should
be strictly accordingly to the Central List as is available on the website i.e. in respect of SCs, on
in respect of STs and in respect of OBCs.

(c) The residential clause in ST/ST/OBC certificate should
be duly filled up.

(d) In case, ST/ST/OBC certificate is issued to a
candidate residing in a State on the basis of the relevant certificate issued to
his/her parent in another State, relevant migration clause should have been duly
filled up.

(e) The certificate should have been signed by a competent
authority not less than Tehsildar with legible stamp of his designation either
in Hindi or in English

(f) The certificate must contain a seal of the concerned
issuing authority/office. In case of a round seal in regional language, another
seal either in English or in Hindi may also be affixed.

(g) In case of an OBC certificate issued
prior to 1st April, 2009, a fresh certificate incorporating therein the relevant
provisions of DoPT O.M. dated 14.10.2008 pertaining to Creamy Layer must be
prepared inter-alia satisfying the above mentioned conditions at (a) to (f) and
produced at the time of PT Board.

(IV) PH Certificate: In case of PH certificates, the
following should be ensured:

(a) The certificate should be strictly in the prescribed
proforma as is available on the website with the instructions for filling up DAF.

(b) The name of the candidate should be as recorded in the
matriculation certificate.

(c) All entries must be duly filled up and the extent of
disability clearly indicated.

(d) The certificate should be duly signed by all Members
and Chairman of the Medical Board along with their seals showing their names and

(e) The certificate be countersigned by the Medical
Superintendent/CMO/Head of the Hospital along with his seal.

(f) The photograph affixed on the certificate showing the
disability should be duly attested by the Chairman of the Medical Board.

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Courtesy: Union Public Service Commission

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